Directing Credits


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  • SLEEPING BEAUTY(Imagine Theatre/Victoria Theatre Halifax) by Eric Potts. Cast: Adam Stafford, Josh Benson, David J Higgins, Becca Lee-Isaacs, Kieran Morris, Felicity Skiera, Nikki Schofield, Dominic Booth, Gracie Caine, Chloe Mae McDonald, Shomari Knott. Choreographer: Laura Grecian. Musical Arranger: Daniel Jarvis, Musical Director: David Haller. Lighting Designer: Will Evans. Sound Designer: Stephen Rickard.


  • THE PRINCESS AND THE PAUPER (Hordern Ciani/Swanage Repertory Theatre), adapted by Dave Simpson. Cast: Rhiannon Jones, Hannah Brownlie, David King Yombo, Julie Wood, Beric Livingstone. Designed by Matt Haysom; Lighting by Tom Curtis and Ryan Stafford; Composer and MD: Teresa Barlow. BSL interpretation: Rebecca A Withey.
  • JACK AND THE BEANSTALK (Imagine Theatre/Victoria Theatre Halifax),  by Eric Potts. Cast: Josh Benson, Adam Stafford, Richard Anthony-Lloyd, Chrissie Perkins, Phillipe Taylor, Nikki Schofield, Joshua Deakin, Sophie Hirst, Wills Lishman. Choreographer: Laura Grecian; MD and Arranger: Daniel Jarvis; Lighting: Tim Speechley; Sound: Stephen Rickard.


Covid-19 paused the majority of my 2020 directorial plans, but I was able to continue writing Inside the Rehearsal Room (for Bloomsbury 2021). I was also able to direct Timon of Athens at Staffordshire University before lockdown and Measure for Measure as a radio play and recorded scenes.

I am currently developing a new production of Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper as The Princess and the Pauper with writer Dave Simpson for Hordern Ciani Ltd.


A quieter directing year concentrating on writing (The Snow Queen adaptation for tour; Inside the Rehearsal Room for Bloomsbury 2021) and completing PhD.

  • KEEPING UP APPEARANCES (Hordern Ciani Ltd/ Mowlem Theatre Swanage).
  • BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Imagine Theatre/Victoria Theatre Halifax) by Will Brenton). Cast: Josh Benson, Adam Stafford, Matthew Wellman, Richard Lloyd, Jenny Perry, Sam Willison, Lydia Rose Bertie, Nikki Schofield, Chloe McDonald, Adam Ireson, Louis Gaudencio. Choreography: Laura-Ann Grecian. Musical Arrangements and MD: Daniel Jarvis.
  • SLEEPING BEAUTY (Imagine Theatre/Rotherham Theatre) by Iain Lauchlan. Cast: Andy Abraham, Kev McGreevy, Tim Freeman, Laura Judge, Georgina Newton, Joshua Ford, Vicky Field, James Taylor, Anto Buckley, Sophie Tye, Rhian Arnold. Choreographer: Nikki Schofield; MD: James Breckon; Arranger: Alec Roberts.
  • Plus GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR (Gogol/Harrower); OTHELLO(Shakespeare) and THE CHANGELING (Middleton/Rowley) for BA (Hons) Acting at Staffordshire University.


  • THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (United National Theatre) Adapted by Tim Churchill and Cathy O’Reilly. Cast: Graham Martin, David Bowen, James King, Jenny Hanley, Josh Capper, Iain Hoskins, Suzanne Kendall, Cathy O’Reilly, Tim Churchill, Deborah Cornick, Henry Clayton.
  • THE SECRET GARDEN (Leatherhead Theatre / Hordern Ciani Ltd).  Adapted by Dave Simpson. Cast: Jack Mosedale, Emma Mulkern, William Hazell, Fiona Gordon, Keith Hill, Peter Steele, Lottie Johnson/ Music by Teresa Barlow. Designed by Alive Burridge
  • THE RAILWAY CHILDREN (Hordern Ciani Ltd/Swanage Re). Adapted by Dave Simpson. Music by Katherine Mount. Arrangements by Teresa Barlow. Lighting by Thomas Curtis. Cast: Emma Mulkern, William Hazell, Samuel Lane, Katherine Mount, Keith Hill, Peter Steele, Clare Samuels, Francesca Burgoyne. 
  • SNOW WHITE (Imagine Theatre/Halifax Victoria Theatre) Cast: Neil Hurst, Jolyon Dixon, Felicity Skiera, Nikki Schofield, Sam Willison, Jess Pritchard, Anna Lakin, DEvam Skellett, Charlotte Ann, Shakeel Kimotho, Daniel Park, Luke Reid. Musical Arranger and MD: Daniel Jarvis; Choreography and Assistant Director: Laura-Ann Grecian; Lighting: Tim Speechley.
  • DICK WHITTINGTON (Imagine Theatre/Rotherham Theatres). Cast: David Lonsdale, Ann Micklethwaite, Ashley Andrew, Nathan Guy, Ian Hallard, Paul Stirrat, Dane Bates, Alexis Canning, Sasha Woodward, Cara Howard, Fabio Santos . Musical Arrangements: Daniel Jarvis; Musical Director: James Brecon; Choreography: Dane Bates; Lighting Designer: Daniella Beattie
  • Plus THE COUNTRY WIFE (Wycherley), THE STORM (Ostrovsky) and AS YOU LIKE IT (Shakespeare) at Staffordshire University for BA(Hons) Acting.


  • YES PRIME MINISTER / THE SECRET GARDEN / THE GAME’S AFOOT (Swanage Repertory Company/ Hordern Ciani Ltd/ Mowlam Theatre). Cast includes: Marcus Patrick, Nicole Faraday, Katherine Mount, Jack Mosedale, Fiona Gordon, Keith Hill, Clare Samuels, Peter Steele, Lottie Johnson, Andrew Piper. Music by Teresa Barlow. Designed by Alice Burridge. Assistant Director: Andrew Piper.
  • AND THEN THERE WERE NONE by Agatha Christie (United National Theatre Productions). Cast included: Ray Johnson, Nigel Peever, Ashley Andrew, David Bowen, Patricia Jones, Chris Wollaton, Steve McTigue, John Highton, James King. Fights by Kenan Ali.
  • BUGSY MALONE (Milton Keynes Theatre). Musical Direction by Matthew Reeve. Choreography by Bethany Hague. Assistant Director: Laura-Ann Grecian Lighting by Guy Jones.
  • PETER PAN (as writer) for Sell A Door.  Directed by Kirstie Davis; Designed by Jess Curtis.
  • ALADDIN for Imagine Theatre/ Victoria Theatre Halifax. By Eric Potts. Cast: Andrew Piper, Adam Stafford, Neil Hurst, Charlotte Elizabeth Yorke, Felicity Skiera, Katie Faye, Aaron Gibson, Liam Ball, Marcus Billany, Marni-Rose Bachiocci, Tessa Stannard, Choreography: Bethany Hague. Musical Arrangements and Director: Dan Jarvis. Lighting: Tim Speechley. Sound: Oliver Patterson.
  • Plus THE MAN OF MODE (Etherege) and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM at Staffordshire University Acting Department.


  • THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS adapted by Patrick Sandford. Design: Mila Sanders (Set) Lisa Hickey (Costume); Musical Composer and MD: Steve Allan Jones; Choreography: Steve Elias; Lighting: Charlie Morgan Jones; Cast: Alec Fellows-Bennett, Dan Hagley, Mei Mac, Alexia McIntosh, Elliot Rodriguez. Producers: Scott Ritchie and Birmingham Old Rep.
  • A WEEKEND IN THE COUNTRY Conceived by Morag McLaren and Nathan Martin. (Cooper Hall, Somerset). Actors: Donna Lennard, Arvin Larsen, Valerie Cutko, Molly Lynch and Joe Corbett.Musical Arrangement and Direction: Nathan Martin.
  • PETER PAN by Will Brenton. Victoria Theatre, Halifax/Imagine Theatre. With Andrew Piper, Neil Hurst, Kieran Morris, Max Cane, Lucy Keirl, Katie Faye, Anna Lakin, Chiara Brooke, Eleanor Byrne, Adam Haigh, Ayden Morgan, Josh Talbot. Musical Arrangement and Direction by Peter Golding; Choreography and Assistant Director  Laura Ann Smith; Lighting by Daniella Beattie.
  • FAME (Milton Keynes Theatre) Musical Direction by Matthew Reeve. Choreography by Laura-Ann Smith. Lighting by Vikki Cauldwell. Costumes by Dawn Outhwaite.


  • MATCHBOX THEATRE by Michael Frayn. Halifax Victoria Theatre (2nd UK Professional production). Cast: Neil Hurst, Ann Micklethwaite, Ashley Andrew, Sohail Al-Mahri, Richard Lancaster, Kate Mitchell, Tom Evans.
  • THE GRIMMEST OF GRIMM TALES by Jane Deane (Windsor). Developing this new piece of family theatre for touring in 2016.
  • CINDERELLA. Commercial pantomime for Imagine Theatre/ Victoria Theatre Halifax. Cast: Daniel Coll, Tim Churchill, Neil Hurst, Steve Fortune, Claire Trusson, Carly Burns, Katherine Lunney, Ann Micklethwaite. MD: Peter Golding; Choreography: Laura Ann Smith; LX: Tim Speechley; Sound: Oliver Patterson.
  • Handel’s JEPHTHA for AIMS (Eastbourne Chapel). Working with Stephen Hope on this staged opera.
  • Plus Anthony Neilson’s THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISSOCIA for Staffordshire University BA(Hons) Acting students.


  • THE WIZ at Milton Keynes Theatre. MD: Matthew Reeve (plus new arrangements) and choreographed by Scott Ritchie
  • COMPANY, TALES OF HOFFMAN, LITTLE MAHAGONNY and THE MIKADO at AIMS international Music School with vocal coaches and musical directors including Marc Verter, Bryan Husband, Jan Winstone, Susan Legg and Leanne Singh-Levett.
  • JACK AND THE BEANSTALK by Iain Lauchlan and Will Brenton for Imagine Theatre/Victoria Theatre Halifax. Cast: Steve Fortune, Neil Hurst, Felicity Skiera, Jamie Sheerman, Ann Micklethwaite, Katriona Perrett, Jamie Anderson. MD and Arrangements: Peter Golding. Choreographer: Laura-Ann Smith. Lighting: Tim Speechley
  • THE WINTER’S TALE Staffordshire University Drama Department plus RSC Dell Open Air Space
  • Plus Don Juan Comes Back From the War by Horvath/Macmillan at Staffs Uni


  • DICK WHITTINGTON at the Victoria Theatre Halifax for Imagine Theatre. Cast included: Neil Hurst, Richard Cheshire, Bruce James, Clare Waugh, Jamie Sheerman, Anna Mitcham, David Gilbrook.  MD: Peter Golding. Choreographer: Laura-Ann Smith. Lighting: Tim Speechley.
  • BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Co-produced and written for Reveal Theatre Company Ltd
  • Plus for Staffordshire University Peter Whelan’s THE BRIGHT AND BOLD DESIGN.


  • THE GOOD ENOUGH MUM’S CLUB Produced and written by Emily Beecher and Sally Samad. Music and lyrics by Chris Passey and Amy Carroll. London Workshop week with Lisa Stokke, Tasha Sheridan, Lucy Russell, Solaya Sang, Megan Whelan. MD: Simon Lambert
  • BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Imagine Theatre/Halifax Victoria). With Neil Hurst, Adam Stafford, Ashley Andrew. MD: Peter Golding. Choreography: Laura-Ann Smith. LX: Tim Speechley. Fights: Kenan Ali.
  • INTO THE WOODS (Reveal Theatre Company). Featuring Lynne McGranger, Ann Micklethwaite and Ray Johnson in Sondheim/Lapine’s musical. Designer: Amy Carroll MD: Peter Golding Movement: Laura-Ann Smith
  • Robert continues to be Creative Director for Reveal Theatre.
  • CINDERELLA (Crewe Lyceum/Imagine Theatre) with Ian Ganderton, Paul Morse, Julia Cave, Arina Ii, Gemma Rees, Helen Watson, Pablo Raybould, Ste Johnston. MD: Peter Golding. Choreography: Laura-Ann Smith
  • Plus at Staffordshire University Lysistrata by Aristophanes and Attempts on Her Life by Martin Crimp.


  • ALADDIN(Imagine Theatre/Victoria Theatre Halifax) Featuring Neil Hurst, Nick Barclay, Clive Llewellyn, Ann Micklethwaite, Mark Lyminster and Ashley Andrew. MD: Peter Golding. Choreographer: Tom Ball. Lighting: Tim Speechley
  • FAME (Regent Theatre/Stage Experience). MD: Peter Golding. Choreographer: Caroline Sherratt.
  • CRY HAVOC! (Arden School of Theatre, Manchester) by Alan R Kenward.
  • JOURNEY TO THE EAST (Reveal Theatre/Buffavento Castle, Cyprus). With Sean O’Callaghan, Kevin McGreevy and Dom Meir. Docu-drama on King Richard’s Crusades.


  • SLEEPING BEAUTY (Imagine Theatre/Victoria Theatre Halifax). Featuring Neil Hurst, Nick Barclay, Emily Trebicki, Tom Milner. MD: Peter Golding. Choreographer: Laura-Ann  Smith
  • SLEEPING BEAUTY (Imagine Theatre/Reading Hexagon). Co-director with Stephen Boden. With Leah Bracknell, Jane Tucker and Justin Fletcher. MD: Simon Walters.  Choreography: Adrian Edmeades.
  • COCK TALES (JB Shorts). New Writing by Dave Simpson, featuring Susan McCardle. MD: Teresa Barlow
  • BURSLESQUE REVEALED(Blackpool Pleasure Beach) Co-produced with Kevin McGreevy this summer season.
  • KING MACBETH (National Tour) with Angus King, Emma Laidlaw, Dominic Meir. Design: Mila Sanders. Lighting: Jo Dawson. Sound: James Earls-Davis. Music: Peter Golding. Fights:Kate Waters. Tour of Deborah McAndrew’s new verse play to Ipswich, Derby, Scone, Stoke. The real story of the Scottish King.
  • AN AWFULLY GRIMM ADVENTURE(co-writer with Eloise Williams of Christmas play for Ammanford Miners)
  • FRUIT OF THE POISONED TREE New Writing by Paul Forrester.
  • VOICES OF ARRAN (Reveal/Arran) with Sean O’Callaghan, Megan Hall. Verbatim Piece on Highland Clearances.
  • SILENT ANGER (Producer only- Reveal Theatre). Directed and designed by Patrick Connellan


  • BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Imagine Theatre/Porthcawl Pavilion). Starring Neil Roberts, Tony Wright with Jessica Sandry,  Jack Llewellyn, Vern Griffiths, Stefan Pejic. MD: Matthew Loughran. Choreography: Laura-Ann Smith
  • DICK WHITTINGTON (Co-Writer- Ammanford Miner’s Theatre)
  • THEY CALLED IT PASSCHENDAELE (Reveal Theatre/ Belgium). With Sean O’Callaghan, Dom Meir and Kevin McGreevy. Verbatim piece on the Great War.


  • JACK AND THE BEANSTALK (WISH Theatre/Crewe Lyceum) Starring Lynne McGranger, Frazer Hines, Carolynne Good, Kerry Newell, Kev McGreevy, Pablo Raybould. MD: Peter Golding. Choreography: Louise Redmond.
  • THE EXTRA FACTOR ( National Tour). Starring Antony Costa, Kelle Bryan, Kevin Kennedy, Russ Spencer. MD: Teresa Barlow. Associate Director.
  • AM I NOT A MAN AND A BROTHER? (Tour- Hackney Empire, Liverpool, Stoke, Bristol- Reveal and Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse. Designer: Helen Goddard.  Lighting and Sound Design: Mim SpencerVerbatim play on Slavery.
  • THE SAVONAROLA DEBATE (Florence, Italy) First English speaking theatre company to work site specific across sites in Florence including Duomo and Piazza della Signoria. Docu-drama around Savonarola’s power.


  • BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (WISH Theatre/Crewe Lyceum). Starring Craig Phillips, Lara Sacher, Matt Milburn and featuring Barry Palmer, Emily Bowman, Dom Meir, Kev McGreevy. MD: Tim Whiting. Choreography: Louise Redmond
  • THE NAKED TRUTH (National Tour). Starring Lisa Riley, Julie Buckfield, Lucy Rusedski, Samantha Seagar.  New writing by Dave Simpson. Associate Director.
  • WOULD LIKE TO MEET(New Writing). Design: Laura Clarkson. Lighting: Mim Spencer
  • THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN ENGLAND (Reveal Theatre). new writing exploring Darwin’s story.


  • DICK WHITTINGTON (Queens Theatre Burslem). With Paul Fairclough and Steve Ball. Writer and Director. Choreography: Vivienne Shelley. MD: Steve D Ball.
  • SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN (Reveal Theatre Company). MD: Jeremy Wootton and Stephen Hearson. Design: Laura Clarkson. Choreography: Beverly Edmunds and Stephen James.
  • CARMEN AND DANNY(New Vic Theatre Borderlines)


  • CINDERELLA (New Vic Theatre Studio Stoke). Design: Laura Clarkson. Lighting: Daniella Beattie.
  • MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG (Liberty Theatre Company). MD: Liz Talbot. Stephen Sondeim’s musical.
  • ON THE HOME FRONT (Reveal Theatre Documentary) With Pam Jolley, Mark Lynch, Faye O’Leary Design: Laura Clarkson.
  • THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA (Arden School of Theatre Manchester). Design: David Millard.
  • ME AND MY GIRL(Liberty Theatre Company). MD: Liz Talbot.


  • DICK WHITTINGTON (DGO/Courtyard Theatre Belfast). Choreography: Angela Goring.
  • ALADDIN (New Vic Theatre Studio)
  • SUGAR DADDIES (National Tour). Staff Director to Alan Ayckbourn on his new play. With Terence Booth, Rex Garner, Anna Brecon and Alison Pargiter. Design: Roger Glossop. Lighting: Mick Hughes.
  • STICKS AND STONES(Reveal Theatre/Stiwt Wrexham Tour). Co-Directed with Andrew Raffle. Design: Laura Clarkson. With Philip Buck, Pam Jolley and Helen Kirby. New writing around bullying.
  • STORY OF MRS M New Vic Theatre Borderlines -also writer.
  • HUMPTY DUMPTY (National Tour/DGO) Tour of this Children’s classic across UK including Hackney Empire. Choreography: Angela Goring.
  • EMILY’S WISH (Bitesize Children’s Theatre, Wrexham) With Pam Jolley, Kiney Bailes. Co-Directed with Andrew Raffle.


  • A BROADWAY SONGBOOK(Bolton Octagon) Chris Monk’s piece set in musical theatre heaven. MD: Gareth Ellis. Choreography: Beverley Edmunds.  Design: Laura Clarkson.
  • GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS (DGO/Courtyard Theatre Belfast) Choreography; Angela Goring
  • TEECHERS(Reveal Theatre) John Godber’s comedy with Dom Meir, Posy Miller, Cara Sweeney. Lighting: Steve Robertson. Sound: Kirsty Waine.
  • BABES IN THE WOOD(Bitesize Theatre, Wrexham).
  • STEALING DREAMS (New Vic Theatre Borderlines). Tour exploring car theft. Design: Laura Clarkson. Movement; Linda Griffiths.
  • CARMEN (New Vic Theatre/Bolton Octagon co-production) Assistant Director to Chris Monks. Children’s Chorus Director. Design: Lis Evans. With Aimee Thomas, Matt Rawle amongst many others. MD: Richard Atkinson
  • THE FIGHT FOR SHELTON BAR (New Vic Studio and Borderlines) With Sean O’Callaghan, Dom Meir and Kerrie Williamson. Reworking of Peter Cheeseman’s Documentary play 30 years on.


  • OUTSIDE EDGE(New Vic Theatre, Stoke on Trent) Assistant Director to Simon Cox. Featuring Lucy Briers. Design: Sue Condie.
  • HARVEST (Southwark Playhouse). Assistant Director to Simon Cox.
  • SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARVES(Bitesize Theatre/ Stiwt Theatre, Wrexham)
  • Associate of New Vic Borderlines for a year, including AGAINST ALL ODDS, WHY ME? RESPECT: HANDLE WITH CARE, A SENSE OF REDIRECTION  and numerous other training and community pieces.


  • FACE IT(New Vic Theatre Borderlines). Professional Outreach tour exploring firework safety.
  • SWEENEY TODD (Assistant Director to Chris Monks). Featuring Craig Pinder. Design: Sue Condie.
  • HITTING TOWN (Reveal Theatre Company). Poliakoff’s play with Dominic Meir, Cara Sweeney, Catherine O’Reilly.
  • FINDING ME (Site Specific New Vic Borderlines)
  • Staff Director at Bitesize Children’s Theatre Company Wrexham for a year, directing SWORD IN THE STONE, PETER AND THE WOLF, CINDERELLA.


  • THE VISIT(University of Wales, Guest Director). Durrenmatt’s social satire.
  • TWO(Etcerera Theatre London). Featuring Dom Meir and Cara Sweeney.
  • VICTORIAN LIFE (Reveal Theatre). TIE piece for Newcastle Council.
  • KING AND I (Aberystwyth Arts Centre) Assistant Director to Richard Cheshire. MD: Peter Golding. Choreography; DeDe McGarrity.
  • ALADDIN(Bitesize Theatre Wrexham Tour)


  • CHARLEY’S AUNT(Reveal Theatre Company). With Craige Els, Richard Sutton and Dom Meir. Design: Becky Mitchell
  • TRENCH KISS (Reveal Theatre Company). Arthur Smith’s Comedy with Craige Els, Richard Sutton and Natalie Bawarshi.
  • ROMEO AND JULIET(Aberystwyth Arts Centre) Assistant Director to Richard Cheshire. Design: Simon Banham
  • CABARET(Aberystwyth Arts Centre). Assistant Director to Richard Cheshire. MD: Peter Golding. Choreography; Chris Jones.


  • CONFUSIONS (Reveal Theatre Company). Alan Ayckbourn’s play featuring Frazer Flintham Design: Mel Middlebrook.


  • WRITER’S CRAMP (Reveal Theatre- first production) With Frazer Flintham and Suzanne Kerwin.

Oh…. yes and…


And for those that got this far Robert would like to forget his brief foray into acting and trying to remember his lines which included a wino and ensemble (bad) dancer in LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS; the Gatekeeper in an outdoor musical version of THE WIZ, a smooth talking snake in CHILDREN OF EDEN and bumbling about (with apologies to Alan) in Ayckbourn’s CONFUSIONS as a Vicar. Not to mention stepping in as Dame in Chesterfield with 2 hrs notice in BABES IN THE WOOD. Sorry audiences across the UK!

Although the classics were fun, with Volumnia in CORIOLANUS, Antonio in THE CHANGELING, Peaseblossom (yes!) in THE DREAM and Balthazar in COMEDY OF ERRORS.

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